Thank you for visiting Lavish Lime. Since my daughter, Annika, has become a teenager, my closet has gradually become “our” closet. It didn’t take long for me to realize that sharing clothes didn’t necessarily mean having to share the same style. I have been pleasantly surprised to see all the different ways Annika could take an item of my clothing, and then style it in a way that I might never have considered. That is what sparked the idea for us to work together to bring you Lavish Lime. Together we want this blog to be a source of inspiration for other moms and teens who love fashion as much as we do. We want to show you how we are able to share clothing (which btw can be a fantastic money saver) and incorporate the latest fashion trends into our own individual styles. Our goal is to help bridge the fashion gap between mothers and daughters everywhere, and if it works for you as it has for us- have a blast in the process!

My name is Kara Henderson, and welcome to Lavish Lime!